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  • Why should I celebrate my dogs life?

    • There is nothing like the grief and loss of your dog. They were your confidant, your friend and your family member. You should celebrate the life of your dog to honor them and to show the rest of the world just how much you loved them and the memories you shared.
  • Where does the money go?

    • 10% of the money Fido’s Legacy receives will be donated to rescues and dog shelters. The donations will start along the front range of Colorado and will eventually be donated nation wide.
  • How long will my Celebration stay on your website?

    • Your Celebration will stay on Fidoslegacy.com for one year. You can do an annual remembrance of your dog or you can share in other peoples grief as they walk the long path of grieving the loss of an animal.
  • What can I do to express the grief and loss that I am experiencing?

    • There are multiple resources at your disposal. Grief counselors are always an excellent resource along with friends and family members who understand the loss that you are going through. As you go on this grief journey it is important to recognize that everyone’s grief will show up differently. It might take a while before you are back to your normal self. Just take it one day at a time and know that you are loved!
  • What if I have a cat’s life to celebrate?

    • We will be launching fluffyslegacy.com very soon!